The MAD Network takes on Digital Advertising with the Blockchain and Proof of Real Work

In a world where online advertising media gets more profitable and substantial, innovation is stifled by those that control access to effective data. This data reveals the true profitability of certain publishers and exposes trends that could save ad purchasers while improving campaign performance. Currently the world of affordable advertising is overrun by a man in the middle syndrome that afflicts both publishers and ad purchasers.

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A remedy for this exists in machine learning algorithms services that places ads for the advertiser, but this solution is often more expensive than most campaigns. To be effective and in budget, most campaigns do not utilize this option.

Announced on the first of November, the MAD Network a subsidiary of Madhive in partnership with BTC Labs is utilizing blockchain technology aligned with machine learning technology to provide affordable algorithm based services to advertisers. By doing so, the MAD network believes that it can disrupt the luxury advertising space.

Now, programmatic advertising makes a 33 billion dollar market. It is estimated to 45 billion by 2019. This along with Demand Side Platforms (or DSPs) that essentially bundle advertisement spaces across exchanges which lie in the hands of more intermediaries and social media advertising that creates a substantial market of growth that lies in the hands of a few companies like Google and Facebook.

Essentially the MAD Network believes that this data is the key to unlocking the power from what is called the walled garden, a metaphor for the power platform holders such as Google and Facebook have over advertising purchasers. Since purchasers don’t have access to data, they don’t have much power in the negotiating process. MAD Network wants to create a network that distributes this data to both publisher and advertiser for transparency in the industry.

The MAD Network will run in three components: MADnet Books, MADnet Data, and MADnet Core. MADnet Books will be the decentralized level where transactions are transacted and recorded. MADnet Books will have its own currency, MAD tokens that are used to transact on the platform, providing transparency across the network as to who transacted to whom.

MADnet Data serves as the hub for data for publishers and advertisers alike. Essentially, MADnet has replaced the middleman with a decentralized data distributor that allows for clear informed decisions on prices between parties.

Lastly, MADnet core is the underlying blockchain system that groups advertisers and publishers together using what is called proof of real work. Proof of real work is an algorithm that along with artificial intelligence decentralizes the machine learning service for advertisers by directly matching ads with publishers and providing ad services.

The ERC-20 MAD Token will be available for crowd sale on the fourteenth of this month. With a price of a .25 USD per token, only one hundred million tokens will go on sale making the hard cap $25 million.