Coinalytics Rebrands to Skry, Welcomes Prominent Big Data & A.I. Scientists


Blockchain forensics firm Coinalytics announced today it is rebranding to Skry. The company also announced the appointment of several prominent big data and artificial intelligence professionals to its ranks.

Dr. Akash Singh, who holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and worked on IBM’s Watson computing system for more than ten years, has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer for Skry. Dr. Singh will be overseeing the advancement of the company’s blockchain data gathering and analytics capabilities. Singh is a big believer in the technology, “I truly believe the Blockchain will change the way we perform transactions and allow for a new kind of applications enabled by smart contracts.” he said.

Another newcomer to Skry is Dr. Masoud Nikravesh, who joins Skry as Chief Data Scientist. Nikravesh has over 25 years of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and spent three years as Advisor to the Silicon Valley Trade Council. Dr. Nikravesh has spent the majority of his career designing algorithms for pattern recognition and data mining, and believes that Skry will play a major role in bringing transparency to the opaque world of blockchains and digital currencies.

Nikravesh said:

“Skry is at the forefront of applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to turn the Blockchain into actionable insights, which will have a crucial impact on the future of this technology, beyond Bitcoin.”

Fabio Federici, Cofounder and CEO at Skry, lamented about how “honored” he is to have such amazing minds join his company, “Their extraordinary abilities in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will prove to be an invaluable asset as we build and expand our business.” said Federici.

Furthermore, Federici explained that the rebranding reflects the company’s new direction of building an analytics platform that can be used on any kind of blockchain-based asset, not just digital currencies such as bitcoin.


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