The Future of the Hemp Economy

Stress can be a huge weight on many of us and having the ability to remove it with newer advancements in CBD can be very beneficial in our lives as a whole. And its use is becoming more and more common and its status in the economy is being felt. More than 1 out of every 4 Americans have tried CBD to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety, and by 2024, the CBD business as a whole is expected to reach $20 billion. The hemp market is extremely varied, showcasing its many uses from personal care to textiles to supplements and even to food – though most commonly, CBD itself, from hemp oil, is used to relieve anxiety and stress, to reduce joint inflammation, and to help with poor sleep patterns. CBD is also helping prevent seizures – while the only proven use for CBD is to reduce epileptic seizures, many users report significant results that show it may have many more applications. CBD has been shown to reduce seizures by up to 71%, regulate serotonin production, which keeps your mood stable, and has even been shown to increase neuroplasticity, which can improve learning and understanding new concepts.


Many people use hemp CBD in their lives to improve their lives. Within the past 2 years, use by people of all ages in America have risen sharply. Hemp CBD also comes in a variety of forms and many people use many of these forms such as spray or drops, vape, pill, as an edible food or drink, and even smoked. The large number of possible medical benefits have prompted many to incorporate hemp oil and products into their healthcare. 


Keeping up with rapidly changing regulations creates unique challenges for the new industry. Find out what they are and how we can overcome those challenges by learning the future of the hemp business.