The Future of the Crypviser Project

Recently, Crypviser finished up its ICO. The team released its stats, and overall they are incredibly impressive. Let’s take a look at how the ICO did and what Crypviser brings to the market.


After a successful ICO, the Crypviser project has some great statistics to boast. Around 4.5 million tokens were sold during the ICO. By the end, there were 5.5 million CVCoins distributed to investors and bounty hunters. The community is large and diverse. There were 7,000 registered ICO participants and more than 3,000 investors. Crypviser now has more than 8,000 members in its multi-lingual communities.

But what now? What are the next steps for Crypviser? Where is this project going next?

CVCoin and Crypviser’s Future

CVCoin is a token based on the Bitshares platform. It was created on July 6th, 2017 and its distribution ran from July 7th to July 14th.

Some may wonder why it was built on the Bitshares platform as opposed to an Ethereum platform. Crypviser feels that Bitshares – powered by OpenLedger – is more closely aligned with its technical needs and ideology. All the benefits of Bitshares are available to CVCoin and its network. Crypviser and OpenLedger are excited to show off the capabilities and full potential of the Bitshares platform together.

One of the Bitshares platform’s features which appealed to Cryviser in particular is that it allows the issued token to become “tradable” on native DEX markets immediately. These decentralized token exchange markets were part of the reason Crypviser wanted to partner with OpenLedger and use Bitshares as the token’s platform. Currently, there are some markets available for CVCOIN exchange to and from BTS (Bitshares), BTC (Bitcoin), USD and others. These are all available under MARKETS on OpenLedger DEX and just require specifying “CVCOIN” in the search field.

According to the CVCOIN development plan, official trading sessions will be announced next week on OpenLedger DEX markets and later on further external exchanges. After starting official trades, Crypviser will process initial packages of CVCOIN market support and publications regarding the product’s development, token circulation, listing on all of the biggest exchanges, increasing trade volume and more.

The community may have a much harder time acquiring cheap CVCOIN after the official opening of trade and listing on external exchanges.

CVCoin Will Be Listed on Big Exchanges Soon

CVCoin will be listed on the exchanges most people use soon. Crypviser will start by getting it listed on the largest exchanges, such as Bittrex, Poloniex, and Kraken. The plan is to court additional liquid and popular markets, such as LiveCoin, C-CEX, Liquid, and others as well. The rough dates when they hope to be listed on large exchanges are tentative, but should resemble something like this: C-CEX and LiveCoin during July, Bitterex and Poloniex between July and August, then Kraken between July and September. They plan on being listed on others in the future as well.

Further Development of the Project and Token

The Crypviser team wants to bring blockchain technology and robust encryption to everyone. To do this, they’ve set out a schedule of what they hope to achieve. The first thing on their roadmap is official Bitshares DEX trading by July 20th, 2017. Crypviser also wants to process initial trading packaged while providing information on how to use OpenLedger DEX and other FAQs. The team also wants to develop their own wallet, along with launching the official Crypviser project website and having it include blockchain and cryptography news. Finally, their roadmap shows that they want to introduce the social communication app for the early bird participants of the ICO.


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