The FLUX Gaming Platform Brings Players True Instant Gratification

Tens of millions of dollars spent on studying the psychology of gamer motivation have drawn the same conclusion. Game players are motivated by instant gratification. Winnings, rewards and incentives drive gameplay. It only follows, then, game platforms with the fastest game delivery times, biggest winnings and rewards, and most rapid release of monies will attract the most players.

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Instant winnings

Welcome to gaming on the Blockchain! All gaming transactions in the FLUX ecosystem—uploading games, playing games and trading in-game items—are facilitated by smart contracts. By replacing the intermediary with self-executing contracts between the game players, transactions are speedier, securer and more accurate. These transparent contracts provide an unchangeable audit trail of all game actions, ensuring gaming is secure and fair. All actions can be automated. In a game between two opponents, for example, escrow is secured, the game played and an arbiter ruling made automatically, enabling funds to be released immediately after the arbiter decision is made.

Larger earnings

FLUX is an investor-owned gaming platform, an innovative model emerging on the Blockchain. Through investment in the FLUX token, all players on the FLUX ecosystem are united in the goal of promoting the platform. Game developers can also launch their own crowdfunded ICOs. More tokens can be earned through gameplay, trading in-game items, streaming and tournaments. As part of the self-perpetuating marketing model, players can earn additional commissions on the revenues of new players they introduce to the FLUX platform. As the entire ecosystem earns income through game creation and play, part of the income is distributed to investors.  

Higher revenue sharing

This allows the gaming platform to share more of the revenues with developers and players. Commissions no longer go solely to a handful of powerful game developers and owners.  The FLUX matchmaking system takes a commission of one to seven percent; 50 percent goes directly to the game developers and 10 percent towards rewards and referral payouts, while the rest is distributed across marketing and administration expenses.  One percent of the token amount will be distributed through a bounty program. Investors also receive part of the commission on Matchmaking platform transaction fees from games they invest in on the FLUX crowdfunding platform.

By facilitating revenue sharing and trust building, the smart contract strengthens the bond between players. In addition to instant gratification, social interaction has been shown to motivate game play. While a benefit of the smart contract is the ability to anonymously transact, the shared ownership in the success of the platform creates a win-win situation.  Naturally, more players will be incentivized to play and play more.

Included among the many incentives across the gaming, trading and streaming platform, players can earn commission on the future revenue of referred players and earn rewards from developing game skins.  Social interaction can double player retention rates, a factor that has led to a boom in in-game trading. Virtual assets traded in the FLUX store include in-game items, digital skins, in-game currencies and digital game packages. Virtual goods to VGs trading is free, while a two percent commission is charged on other trading. Accounts can be topped up using cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH,  LTC) or EUR or Visa/MasterCard while all withdrawals are made in the FLUX Token, ensuring a steady supply of the token.