The Exodus Desktop Wallet Tracks Multiple Blockchain Assets

Cryptocurrency wallets come in many different sizes. Some of them only exist as software, whereas hardware solutions are becoming more popular. But most of these wallets only track one, or a select few cryptocurrencies. The Exodus wallet tracks multiple assets and has ShapeShift functionality built in. An interesting option for desktop users, that’s for sure.

The Exodus Wallet For Desktop Users

Most cryptocurrency users store their funds in a wallet on their mobile device or computer. Exodus is a desktop wallet client which supports multiple assets. Right now, Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum are all supported. It is possible other assets and currencies will be added over time, though.

Blockchain assets are suffering from fragmented wallet solutions. The average enthusiasts don’t want to install dozens of different wallets, just to keep track of various blockchain assets. Integrating support for multiple currencies into one wallet is a much safer idea, albeit the options are very limited.

Exodus wants to give the user full control over their assets by offering their all-in-one wallet solution. Users will see the total value of their assets in a nice diagram, and the different stored assets will be represented in various colours. But that is not all, as users can also trade between these supported currencies from within the wallet itself.

This is made possible thanks to the integration of This exchange platform requires no registration and allows for instant currency conversions. All of the blockchain assets tracked by Exodus are supported by ShapeShift, allowing for convenient exchanges on the fly.

Other features to be found in the Exodus wallet include the option to control private keys at all times. Charts are a big part of the visual aspect of this wallet as well. But users can also personalise the look and feel of Exodus, by changing between built-in themes. All in all, an attractive solution for both novice and veteran cryptocurrency users.

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