The Coronavirus Incubation Time may be 24 Days Instead of 14

There are still a lot of questions regarding the coronavirus today. Even the incubation period is still up to debate, particularly following some new evidence coming out of China. 

Until now, it was assumed that the coronavirus was subject to a 14-day incubation period.

The Coronavirus Mystery Deepens

Due to those findings, the quarantine procedures often span anywhere from two to three weeks.

It now appears that these estimates are way off, which is very problematic for a wide variety of reasons.

Chinese researchers claim the incubation period for the coronarivus can range up to 24 days.

That is a whopping 10 days longer compared to what was thought previously. 

This is further confirmation as to how this virus is now like any other MERS virus humanity has ever come across.

Anyone who has quarantined themselves for 14 days after traveling to China and surrounding countries may not be out of the woods just yet.

This news comes at a crucial time, as Chinese officials recently reported an increase in new virus cases.

Any shred of evidence to aid researchers is direly needed at this time.

After over three months of battling the coronavirus, no permanent solution is in sight just yet.

Something will have to change sooner rather than later, yet it appears that the situation only grows worse as more time progresses.