The Commonwealth to release blockchain-based messaging system for law enforcement

During the last couple of years, cybercrime has gotten significantly worse due to the establishment of the Internet era. According to recent reports, The Commonwealth, which is a voluntary association made up of 53 countries, has announced a project that aims to develop a blockchain app to help combat cross-border crime.

The app, which will be developed via a joint venture between The Commonwealth and the Digital Identity Security Company, will represent a secure, blockchain-based messaging system for law enforcement agents and prosecutors, which will enhance communication and cooperation for all the Commonwealth countries. The app will work by validating and storing the identities of the contacts on the blockchain, thus removing the need of a central database.

In return, this will significantly help officers gather intelligence more efficiently and lead to less cyber-crime.

According to Steven Malby, the Legal Adviser at the Commonwealth Secretariat and project lead, “This new app has the potential to change the way we cooperate on criminal justice matters and will help reduce serious crime throughout the Commonwealth. It will be particularly useful for combatting cybercrime and other technology-enabled crimes that are borderless by nature. “In today’s world, electronic evidence is an increasingly vital component of almost any investigation – whether for online or offline crime. We have been looking at new ways we can support the CNCP by using emerging technology, and in doing so, we are finding better ways to help member countries to work together in the fight against crime.”

The app will help member countries take advantage of the currently available technology, which will enhance cooperation and lead to more efficient investigations, hence to the arrest of those that take part in technology-enabled crimes.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about The Commonwealth blockchain-based messaging app? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: The Commonwealth 

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