The BurgerBot Will Disrupt Job Opportunities in the Fast Food Sector

With so many companies working on robotics right now it is evident some robots will take over our jobs sooner or later. People flipping hamburgers may want to pay extra attention to this article, as a major breakthrough has been made. More specifically, the BurgerBot is capable of flipping 400 burgers in one hour. A lot of fast food chains will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this robot, that much is evident.

The BurgerBot is Flippin’ Awesome

It has to be said, flipping hamburgers is a job which gets a lot more negative attention than needed. Many people see it as a last-resort job, but it still helps to pay the bills. More importantly, flipping hamburgers is a way to enhance your personal skill set and interact with customers. It may not be the most glorious job in the world, but the people active in the industry deserve a lot more respect than they are getting. None of that will matter in a few years from now, though, as the BurgerBot has arrived.

More specifically, the new robot developed by Momentum Machines is great at doing one job right. It will change the way we think about hamburgers, as it can produce 400 burgers every single hour. In the long run, such a bot would help reduce the number of erroneous burgers being made because the chef didn’t pay attention to what you ordered.  More importantly, it will not just create the patty itself, but also assemble the burger, complete with salad, tomatoes, and a toasted bun.

Contrary to what a lot of people may anticipate, this is not a proof of concept. Momentum Machines are looking to open their first robot hamburger restaurant in the near future. The company recently raised US$18m in funding to make this dream come true. It will be interesting to see if the BurgerBot will need to work at full capacity, though, as it is highly doubtful there will be 400 hamburger orders per hour anytime soon. Fast food restaurants may reach such numbers during busy periods, though.

Assuming this robot hamburger restaurant will open its doors, the end result could be quite surprising. It does not appear the company will have a chef on standby in case the BurgerBot fails, which could be quite problematic. Then again, the team has been working on the concept of creating such a restaurant for multiple years now. It seems evident they will cover all bases to ensure customers can enjoy a delicious hamburger at any given time.

As many people might have guessed by now, the Burgerbot is not designed to make existing employees more efficient. Unfortunately, the robot is destined to make employees obsolete, which does not bode well for the job sector right now. Takeaway owners will be quite pleased by this news, as they will need to manage and train less personnel. Moreover, robots don’t need sick days, holidays, or sleep. Ensuring the machine is cared for properly will be quite a challenge, though.

Even though the BurgerBot costs around US$30,000, it is possible to recoup the investment within the first year. Fast food restaurants would save around US$90, 000 on training fees and salaries alone, which means they could afford three of these robots if they wanted to. It is evident the burger flipping industry will be disrupted by automation and Ai in the future. It will be very difficult to compete with the BurgerBot, that much is evident.

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