The Bread Token Sale has Sold Out – The New Rewards Program Will Be Rolled Out Soon

Letting Your Wallet Pay You

Most people have credit cards or loyalty cards for various companies, and many of those cards provide rewards for loyal users. Whether the rewards are points, airline miles, or cash back, some system is in place to reward the most active users. These perks are something that most consumers have come to expect as customary.

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In the crypto economy, however, there are very few such platforms. Instead, using wallets and exchanges often comes with a fee, and crypto holders have gotten used to paying without receiving.

All this is about to change however, as Bread, a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet has announced their rewards program through a proprietary token called BRD. The BRD token has already sold out, with $12 mln sold in the pre-sale, and then $20 mln during the crowdsale in just under 2 hours on December 15. The sale was so popular, it clogged the ETH network for a few moments. Such response shows the potential for a truly customer-focused rewards program among cryptocurrency holders.

Get paid for bread

Bread is a venture-backed company based in Switzerland. The company boasts more than 1 mln users from more than 140 countries, and is already a huge market leader among wallets, protecting billions in Bitcoin.

With a large user base and consistently strong security and service, the Bread app has moved from a simple Bitcoin wallet in 2015, to a fully functional decentralized financial platform. The wallet has the capability to hold all Ethereum tokens (ETH, ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-644), as well as Bitcoin and many more digital assets coming soon.

Having built such a large and comprehensive system, the Bread team has now created a way to give back to users, and particularly those users that are most active on the platform.

The newly created Bread tokens (BRD) will bring substantial benefits for current and future Bread users. For example, users who pay with BRD will receive increased discounts on service fees when purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum through the app.

Additionally, the more BRD a customer holds in their wallet, the more benefits they’ll receive. These include a dedicated support phone number, early pre-sale access for qualified ICOs, and exclusive invitations to events around the world. Additional premium services will be rolled out over time. The BRD token will have utility within the Bread app as soon as tokens are released.

Simple enough

The Bread app is particularly helpful for new users since it provides an simple point of entry for purchasing Bitcoin. This simplicity and elegance has already led to the widespread usage the Bread app enjoys.

With the addition of the multi-wallet features, as well as the aggressive new rewards program built using the newly created BRD tokens, the Bread app is looking to continue increasing its reach. To find out more, check out the website here.