The Bolenum Project Announces Bolenum Cryptocurrency Exchange

Despite a few censorshipS and regulations, cryptocurrencies, led by innovations in the blockchain, have led to massive opportunity in eastern and western hemisphere. Cryptocurrencies utilizing blockchain technologies have represented a monumental shift from centralized monetary structure. With decentralization the blockchain provides cheaper transactions, faster transaction fees, and untamperable wealth stores. Featured primarily on the internet, cryptocurrencies are accessible to most everyone that has an internet connection.

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However, despite this wide accessibility, cryptocurrencies have failed to penetrate the African market as well as the southern hemisphere including Central and South America. This is due to a couple of reasons. First, the word “cryptocurrency” or “Bitcoin” doesn’t have as much currency as it does in the Eastern and Western hemisphere.

This is often due to the lack of press. The abundant African languages have yet to catch on to the trend because very few fluent in their respective languages know about this technology. And for those that are aware, it is hard to participate from their region. African fiat is not supported by a majority of exchanges, and the few small exchanges that do support African fiat do not offer the safety or scale necessary for mass adoption.

Bolenumaims to give people of the Southern hemisphere access to cryptocurrencies by providing access to a wider variety of currencies. The Bolenum project now announces its first product, the Bolenum Cryptocurrency Exchange, for beta launch on December 15th of this year. And it is now currently in open registration.

Bolenum Cryptocurrency Exchange is the first envisioned development of products by the Bolenum Project. The projects that are next on the road map are Bolenum Remittances Service, the Bolenum Mobile Wallet, and the Bolenum Payment Card.

Launched just this May of 2017, the Bolenum Project’s ICO ended in August 2017. And has worked ever since on project development. The Bolenum Project’s coin, Boleno is now available on CoinExchange as an ERC 20 token. And it will soon list on the Bolenum Cryprocurrency exchange. As an Ethereum token, the Boleno will work inside the Boleno wallet along with other tokens on the ERC-20 platform. As an ERC-20 token, the Boleno token will also be able to travel in custom wallets and other exchanges as well.

Boleno is also designed for remittance services in the Bolenum Remittance Service. It may also serve as a purchasing instrument in the Bolenum Marketplace. And throughout exchanges, the Bolenum Project envisions Boleno as the gateway to African currencies. Starting with Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt, Bolenum intends to spread its services throughout Africa, and once established there Bolenum intends to serve the world as an international exchange.

The Bolenum Exchange will host a variety of crypto assets. Featuring the classic instruments of an exchange such as order books and price history, the exchange will also feature a wide variety of native African currencies such as the Naira for Bolerno. It will also feature major foreign currencies such as the U.S. Dollar.

You can follow Bolenum and get the latest news on Twitter, and you can chat about Bolenum on Telegram.

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