The Wallet now has 2 million users after only 7 months of being released

Trusted cryptocurrency wallet provider has just reached a milestone 2 million downloads of its wallet client since being available for public use only seven months ago in August 2017.

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The wallet, which gives users full control of their own private keys and, therefore, sole control of their funds, allows its users to easily store and spend both Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). continues to develop its popular wallet solution and promises even more development updates in the near time.

Newcomers are Embracing Cryptocurrency

Last year was the year of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin and its counterparts enjoying all-time highs of coverage and exposure in the mainstream media, helping to fuel an influx of new users and enthusiasts who want to be part of the blockchain economy. As users seek out secure and intuitive wallets to store their own Bitcoin, the wallet has seen a rapid increase in popularity, with every week recording thousands of downloads since its very first stable version was released.

The wallet, supporting both BTC and BCH, can be installed on desktop computers across most major platforms and operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Linux, as well as iOS and Android for smartphones and mobile devices. It does not store private keys anywhere, only allowing the user to access them, to ensure sole control and access to their coins, the way cryptocurrency was meant to be.

Added Functionalities

With its most recent update, the wallet now improves on the user experience, being one of only several that offers crypto-enabled debit card provider BitPay Payment Protocol compatibility (BIP-70), with every update keeping intuitive use in mind.

Now, users can have the option of paying through the blockchain wallet as well as via use of BitPays invoice method. Furthermore, users are able to seamless convert BTC to BCH and vice versa within the wallet, via a Shapeshift (instant crypto exchange service) API, as part of’s strategy to attract even more users

Multisig Wallets

With the introduction of multiple signature (Multisig) wallets, users can enhance security via this new layer between wallets and devices. CEO Roger Ver spoke with great optimism about the company’s latest updates and future directions, noting that the doubling of its wallet use in the past three months has coincided for a global demand for Bitcoin Cash. With the industry supporting and more merchant adoption coming from websites and retail outlets, the company’s prospects have never been brighter.

More To Come

The development team of, who have a working relationship with the core developers of Bitcoin Cash, are considering the option of BCH-chain colored coin management (token-based assets), which will make the BCH blockchain one of the leaders in technical development for competing blockchains. Other options down the line also include debit card functionalities.

To learn more about the wallet, visit the website or download the software.