The Barcelona Blockchain Meetup Group Has Formed

It is always positive to see more people taking an interest in the digital currency ecosystem. A new Meetup group has formed in Barcelona, which wants to focus on the potential of blockchain technology, rather than just Bitcoin itself. Quite an interesting take on things, as companies have been shying away from the term “Bitcoin” in recent months.

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The Barcelona Blockchain Meetup Group

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Although the term “blockchain” will attract a far larger crowd than “Bitcoin”, it remains to be seen whether or not that will be the case for the various Meetup groups all over the world. A new group has recently formed in Spain, which goes by the name of  Barcelona Blockchain Meetup.

Among the list of topics this Meetup group covers are topics such as virtual currency, Bitcoin, smart contracts, Ethereum, and the blockchain. It is good to see the Barcelona Blockchain Meetup group keep on open mind towards everything revolving around distributed ledger technology, including the digital currency that has made the concept of blockchain so popular in recent years.

Businesses active in the world of digital currency have been taking a similar approach as of late, as they tend to shy away from using the term Bitcoin altogether. Instead, there are a lot of references to blockchain these days, which seems to be the buzzword among enthusiasts and investors.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, as marketing is an important part of networking or running a successful business. As long as people keep an open mind toward projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is nothing to worry about just yet. It seems this strategy paid off for Barcelona Blockchain Meetup, though, as they already have one official sponsor listed on their page.

So farm, ten members have signed up as part of this particular Meetup group. Co-organizers Andreu Rodriguez I Donaire and Albert Castellana Lluis will be pleased with the result so far, and it will be interesting to see how big this group can get. Keeping in mind how the Barcelona Bitcoin Community is nearly 1,000 members strong, things are getting interesting in Catalunya.

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