The Airbitz Developer SDK Is Now Available

Airbitz is one of the most popular mobile Bitcoin wallet solutions in the world today, simply because they are available on both major operating systems and do not suffer from issues slowing down the service. Airbitz wants to become more than just a Bitcoin wallet, the company is forging a new path between user experience and strong security. In fact, the mobile app uses a platform providing users with all kinds of information, and the team has revealed their SDK for developers.

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The Airbitz SDK For Developers

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Being a Bitcoin & blockchain developer is quite exciting these days, as there are so many different platforms offering API access or SDK tools. Airbitz is one of the first truly decentralized Bitcoin wallet solutions to make their SDK available to the public, as they want to share the technology the company uses with developers from all over the world.

Some of the possibilities include building new tools and applications to send and receive Bitcoin. Securing user data in just a few lines of code, and supporting both iOS and Android devices. Airbitz offers quite a bit of versatility with their developer SDK, and thereĀ are plenty of features waiting to be discovered. Moreover, the soon-to-be developed features will remain accessible regardless of whether the Airbitz servers are online or not.

The current plan is to present the Airbitz developer SDK at various Meetups and events in the United States, giving the team a chance to showcase what developers can do with this toolset. Although the only limitation is the imagination of the developers themselves. Having some examples during a presentation is always a good thing.

Speaking of these events and presentations, Airbitz will showcase the developer SDK at the Bay Bit Hack event this weekend. Rather than just showing people what these tools can do, there will be a US$500 prize attach to a competition for whoever comes up with the best solution and use case of the SDK itself.

But that is not all, as event attendees will be mentored by Airbitz CEO Paul Puey and Chief Architect William Swanson during the entire event. Both of these gentlemen have plenty of experience when it comes to Bitcoin and the blockchain, so anyone who has questions or suggestions should make sure to approach them over the weekend.

Source: Airbitz

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