BitcoinChain API Now Available For Beta Testing

The blockchain provides a vast array of technological features people all over the world can start using in a matter of minutes. As developers uncover more information about the potential of distributed ledger technology, new use cases can be created. BitcoinChain is providing coders with a very useful API, even though it is still in beta. Tools like these make it very easy for everyday consumers to see the benefits of blockchain technology in the future.

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BitcoinChain API Beta Testing

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There can never be enough API services and platforms for Bitcoin and blockchain purposes. After all, the primary goal of the digital currency movement is to decentralize anything and everything over time, so it only makes sense to have different API providers in existence. BitcoinChain is a company that has been around for several years now, but hardly ever gets mentioned in the media.

That comes as quite a surprise, especially when considering how their API is now available for beta testing. Every developer using this API will get access to the platform’s database and services, as well as the opportunity to obtain Bitcoin blockchain data. Once that data has been extracted, developers can start interacting with the information, and come up with new and creative use cases.

Among these API functions are two different tools BitcoinChain would like developers to test thoroughly. On the one hand, there is the REST method, which acts as an interface to suit all of the needs developers may have. On the other hand, there is the STREAM interface, which can be accessed via a web URL through

As one would come to expect from an API provider, BitcoinChain provides coders with plenty of tools to explore the boundaries of blockchain information. While there are certain limits in place – such as one request in public access per second – developers should have an easy time finding their way among the possibilities. Furthermore, if any coder would require more advanced access, they can always get in touch with the BitcoinChain team.

API providers such as BitcoinChain are of great value to aspiring developers, as there is a lot of interest in the blockchain itself. While most consumers will prefer to use a clean interface to check things on the blockchain, some of us enjoy getting their hands dirty by digging through code. Plus, this can also lead to even better user interfaces with more information, adding to the convenience factor for Bitcoin users all over the world.

Website: BitcoinChain

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