Tech Startup Republic of Moldova Looks To Bring Innovation, Transparency and Investment to The Blockchain Industry

The DTMA (Digital & Distributed Technology Moldova Association) was founded and supported by both local and international advisories. These advisories run additional workshops and presentations, which bring several international representatives to Moldova to present variable use cases around blockchain technology. The DTMA community portal is now live and open to registrations.

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The DTMA aims to implement international projects within Moldova and leverage the valuable assets that the country has to offer, such as its untapped human resource market for national developers. This could help provide a suitable testing environment for developing projects that can be exported into the global market.

The DTMA have numerous projects set for release in 2018, which will be of economic consequence to the local economy and other outside areas. In January 2018, the DTMA launch of Moldova’s 1st exchange with 8 Fiat pairing currencies is expected.

Most recently, DTMA launched its own blockchain version of Dash for self-governance and the use of the treasury. The Dash version will be an option for students and academics to be eligible for small grants to explore blockchain images.

DTMA are also doing their due diligence for the creation of a ‘Tech Zone’ within the ‘Free Economic Zones’. These zones will include tax breaks for blockchain projects which are currently under discussion. This will aid the company in digitizing and developing commercial real estate for mining projects of up to 80 Hectares.

DTMA is also planning to organize training and workshops for international companies looking to enter to the Moldova market and for projects that would like to setup Labs for interns at various universities. This Travel Portal has been designed with additional functionalities and is set to be released later in the year, aiming to support the export of wine from Moldova and marketing opportunities via tokenization. Currently, the portal is active with 900 Airlines and 800,000 hotels globally.

DTMA is  currently conducting due diligence with local private companies in a bid to delve inside the potential of its own version of the famous hub ( Level 39, Canary Wharf, London). This proposal could potentially enable Moldova to be a hub between the CIS countries and EU.

DTMA intends to support the digital era in the long term and attract the international blockchain marketplace to Moldova as a national hub. At the same time, the company aims to improve and support higher education with the economic and digital roadmap of the government.

Digital Moldova 2020 has been set up to help encourage digital currency communities and blockchain projects to join DTMA to help aid and educate future applications that Moldova will look to grow from.