Tech Giants Come Together to Build a Coronavirus hub With Blockchain Technology

Trying to address the global coronavirus crisis will require cooperation between companies who would normally be competitors. In the blockchain space, IBM and Oracle are joining forces with the WHO.

It is evident that new solutions need to be found to gather information pertaining to the coronavirus crisis.

Using Blockchain During the Coronavirus Crisis

Especially now that so much misinformation and fake news is spreading across the internet.

IBM, Oracle, and the World health organization are teaming up to address this situation.

A new open-data hub is being developed, and it will make use of blockchain technology.

It appears the new platform will be known as MiPasa and is built on top of Hyperledger Fabric.

For scientists and researchers, it is crucial to have access to information.

That information needs to be correct first and foremost, thus ensuring the details are accurate will be the first order of business. 

Interestingly enough, this coronavirus data hub came to fruition fairly quickly.

In most cases, assembling such a versatile platform will take several weeks, or even months.

MiPasa, on the other hand, was put together quickly, primarily due to the many different parties involved.

Other noteworthy partners include Microsoft, China’s National health Commission, and Johns Hopkins University.

Unlocking the full potential of this platform will be the main order of business.