Tap Project- The Next Evolution of Gaming

Since early on in the history of cryptocurrency, gaming has been a focus of many innovators and enthusiasts. However, many of the initial projects and approaches to crypto-integration have fallen flat, as the hurdles associated with crypto-gaming have yet to be overcome. However, a new, ambitious initiative, Tap Project, is poised to overcome these issues and pave the future of this emerging niche.

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As it stands now, games are largely independent from one another. That is, in game currencies, loot, or awards do not translate to any worth in other games. There are rare exceptions where there is some level of liquidity between games within a franchise, but even this is a special exception. Realistically, the value of one’s gameplay is confined to only that game. World of Warcraft gold cannot be used to purchase weapons or vehicles in Grand Theft Auto.

Of course, there are a number of shortcomings associated with such an environment. When gamers grow tired of a game or simply wish to play elsewhere, none of their previous labors can aid them in their new adventure. The time, effort, and monetary costs associated with success in one game are simply sunken when gamers transition elsewhere.

Gaming as an Ecosystem

Tap Project plans to connect gamers and games worldwide in an immersive, universal ecosystem of gaming empowerment. Using its Ethereum-based token, Tap Coin (TTT), as the fuel for the ecosystem, players will be able to earn TTT while they game. Beyond this, they will have the capability to trade in-game currencies and items for Tap Coin, which can then be used to purchase premium entities or other currencies and items in other games.

By connecting virtual assets to Tap Coin, gaming is connected through a real world valuation. Tap Coin as a cryptocurrency maintains a real world value, and this system of value allows players to attach real earnings to their virtual successes and struggles.

While this system represents a sort of global, virtual marketplace, the implications are far greater. The ecosystem manifested through Tap Project is truly a utopia for gamers. Tap Project replaces legacy of plutocratic Pay-to-Win gaming with a meritocratic future. Success is no longer dictated by the largest payrolls. Instead, all participants have an equality opportunity to prove victorious among competition and accumulate virtual wealth. This is a system that honors skill- and rewards it with real profit.

On a societal scale, such a gaming ecosystem has massive implications. Tap Project could potentially connect billions of citizens in third world and developing countries to a global, virtual economy that empowers them to earn significant incomes. Not only does Tap Project create equality among gamers, it could potentially work to bridge economic inequality throughout the world.

What’s to come?

Tap Project has been working to constantly develop the platform. There are a number of key developments being published very soon. The first functions of the platform are due at the end of the month, which are encapsulated by the Tap Relay Contract.

More importantly, the Tap Project MVP will be published at the end of June. This MVP will include the first game in which players can earn Tap Coin and trade their virtual items for TTT. The MVP also includes Unity and Unreal Engine Plugins, so that game developers worldwide will be able to integrate Tap Coin into their games.

Why Tap Stands Out

The currency conversion metric offered by Tap Project is unique to just Tap. The ability for in-game currencies to be converted and traded directly with Tap Coin is a patent-pending mechanism unique to just Tap Project. Once the patent is filled, the complete workings behind the ecosystem can be made public, allowing everyone to understand the metrics in which TTT and virtual assets are transferred and traded between one another and games.

Additionally, the patent will ensure that Tap Project maintains ownership of their cutting-edge platform, enabling the project to solidify its role as the pioneer of this up and coming niche of crypto-gaming.

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