Taiwan May Be The Most Convenient Country For Bitcoin Enthusiasts

Spending Bitcoin can be done in a multitude of ways, and Taiwan seems to be the place to be for travelers. Not only is the region filled with nature, peace, and quiet, but they are also rather keen on Bitcoin by the look of things. In fact, it may be one of the most convenient places on earth to spend Bitcoin directly for everyday needs.

Taiwan is A Bitcoin Paradise

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Going on a holiday is all about relaxing, meeting new people, and having a great time. But all too often, we are encumbered by currency exchanges, payment methods not being accepted, and high fees. Bitcoin can solve all of those problems, but it is difficult to do so without intermediary services in just about every country.

Taiwan may be the one exception to this unwritten rule, for now. The country is rather convenient when it comes to using Bitcoin as there are convenience stores where cryptocurrency payments are accepted. It is good to see this approach too, as convenience stores are often frequented by tourists when visiting a new location.

Moreover, there is nothing more annoying than fumbling for cash or a card when standing in line at a convenience store. Bitcoin payments are incredibly convenient, as they can be made through a mobile device. With over 3,000 convenience stores in the country accepting Bitcoin, it will be hard not to find one.

For travelers who are running low on Bitcoin, these convenience stores serve a dual purpose. All of these locations sell Bitcoin over the country as well, in exchange for cash payments. It doesn’t get more convenient than that, as there are no ID checks required for smaller amounts. Since the Bitcoin is sold in the form of vouchers, they can also be purchased online. In fact, one can redeem the voucher for snacks and drinks at supported terminals as well.

But what about accommodations or excursions, you might wonder? Both of those can be paid for in Bitcoin as well. Although the number of locations may be limited, one can easily plan a trip around those areas. Make sure to check out Bitcoin House Taiwan and Coinmap for more detailed information on how to get around on Bitcoin in the country.

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