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Delayed Binance Listing Quickly Spoils the ZenCash Price Pump

Today has been a rather interesting day for the Zencash altcoin. Although its use cases are still somewhat limited in nature these days, the ZenCash price got a nice pump – and subsequent dump – over the past few hours. The delayed listing on Binance quickly made people turn sour on this altcoin, even though it is still up by 8.7%. The ZenCash Pump Failed It is evident there is …
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What Is Zencash?

Even though most people would assume Zencash is just another cryptocurrency trying to gain traction, there is a lot more to this platform than that. Zencash aims to become the go-to secure platform for money, messages, and media in general. It is a rather bold venture, but the combination of features may actually pay dividends. What is Zencash Exactly? There are several aspects of Zencash to keep in mind. First of all, it is a public …
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