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ZClassic Price Surpasses $128 as Other Markets Continue to Suffer

With all of the top cryptocurrency markets suffering small to medium losses, there isn’t much to get excited about as of right now. When looking a bit further down the list, we see ZClassic making some big waves right now. Thanks to a solid 10% gain, we now have a ZClassic price of over $128.5. An interesting development, given the state all markets are in right now. ZClassic Price is …
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What Is Zclassic?

The main reason people get excited about cryptocurrencies is that they all offer some degree of financial freedom. Bitcoin is certainly the world’s leading cryptocurrency in this regard, even though it is not without its flaws or drawbacks. Zclassic aims to do so as well, even though this hard fork of Zcash has been somewhat less popular so far. By focusing on anonymity and privacy, Zclassic may be able to stake its …
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