Blockchain Betting and Profit Sharing: A Look into thh XWIN ICO

The XWIN ICO is off to a healthy start in the new year.  Launched on January 1st, the project has raised over $2.4 at the time of writing.  The offering will last until the end of the month, and currently, there’s still a 10% for buy-ins.  As it now stands, one XWIN token goes for the price of 0.005 ETH Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article 80% of all tokens …
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New Ethereum-Based Platform Disrupts Sports Betting Industry

Gambling gives a sense of anticipation and excitement when people are in dire need of some entertainment. That’s why betting on sports is an activity that will always have traction. The industry is skyrocketing both in the online environment and offline. However, it poses challenges that Blockchain technology may be able to solve. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article A new Blockchain-based platform is preparing to disrupt an industry worth …
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Bookmakers Betting Big on Blockchain

Bookmaking is a growing industry and an important contributor to the economy in many developed nations. Take an example of the United Kingdom, where bookmaking generated GBP 2.3 bln towards the national GDP. The betting landscape though is changing with the advent of new technology. More people are comfortable placing bets online using their portable devices and expect the convenience that they have become accustomed to in other sectors to …
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