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Some Things To Take Into Account When Converting Bitcoin to Fiat Currency

When people think of exchanges to sell their Bitcoin, there are a lot of caveats to take into account. First of all, it can take a while to execute these payments, albeit most services do so within 24 hours. On the other hand, international wire transfers remain very expensive. Bitcoin can’t solve that problem when users want a bank transfer in fiat. Converting Bitcoin To Fiat Can Be Expensive Receiving …
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Buying Bitcoin With An International Check is All But Impossible

An interesting topic was raised on Reddit, as one user was wondering if there is a quick and convenient solution to convert an online check to Bitcoin. while there seems to be no intent to avoid paying taxes on cashing in the check itself, banks simply take a long time before the funds are cleared. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an easy way to convert international checks to …
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Global Payments Network Resembles A Private Permissioned Blockchain For Wire Transfers

One of the things traditional finance seem to lack these days is transparency. When a customer makes a wire transfer, for example, it can take anywhere from five minutes to five business days to complete, yet no one has any idea why there would be any delays. Wayerz has launched the Global Payments Network, which will let people track the progress of their wire transfers. However, this feature is limited …
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