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Stremio selects WINGS DAO Management Platform for the AdEx Crowdfunding Campaign

Stremio will use the WINGS platform to launch AdEx an alternative to black-box ad systems using blockchain and smart contracts for transparency (ZUG, CH — DECEMBER 9, 2016) — WINGS (wings.ai), a decentralized platform to create, crowdfund, join and manage projects using blockchain and smart contracts, today announced their selection by Stremio (strem.io), designer of a media center software for video entertainment focused on user experience and  ease of use, …
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Wings Platform is a DAO Creation Tool

The recent DAO has taught us many things, one of which is that writing secure smart contracts can be complicated, and that’s why a group of developers is working on building the Wings Platform.  Wings will be a user-friendly platform for DAO creation and management. The complicated code will be transformed into a pleasant user interface making DAO production possible to anyone who wishes it. What this means is that …
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