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White Hat Hackers Port EternalBlue Exploit to Windows 10

It appears Windows users are not safe from the NSA’s EternalBlue exploit just yet. Researchers have discovered someone successfully ported this SMB exploit to ensure it can attack Windows 10-based systems as well. Luckily, it appears this is a development initiated by white hat hackers. Then again, if they can do it, so could someone with far more nefarious intentions. Porting EternalBlue To Windows 10 When the RiskSense researchers announced …
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Major Windows 10 Flaw Allows Subusers To Gain Administrator Privileges

The Windows operating system suffers from a major security vulnerability. A new leak in the OS allows attackers to bypass BitLocker encryption and gain administrator access to the device–a worrisome development for computer users, which may also affect IoT devices running Windows 10. Microsoft has released a patch since the flaw was discovered, but it shows that there is still a lot of work to be done. Microsoft Patches Potential …
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Microsoft Enables Carrier Billing For Windows Store – Bitcoin Integration Soon?

It was only a matter of time until more and more major players in the computer industry tried their hand at mobile payment solutions. Microsoft is the most recent company to announce their project, although they have taken a page out of Appleā€™s book and opted to go with carrier billing for now. Users will be able to make purchases by adding the charges to their monthly phone bill. Also …
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