White Hat

The Top 4 Best Hackers Out For Good, Not Evil

The word hacker draws a pretty negative light, and always has.  Ever since the extremely over exaggerated 80’s computer hacking…

5 years ago

Founder of Chinese White Hat Hacker Community Arrested Without Prior Notice

White hat hackers are often looked at a necessary evil, even though these individuals are crucial to any company in…

5 years ago

White Hat Hacker Saved Uber From Login Bypass Exploit

As it turns out, no company is safe from exploits or vulnerabilities. Not even Uber, who paid a researcher US$10,000,…

5 years ago

Hacking In The Bitcoin Ecosystem Can Be A Good Thing

When it comes to the concept of hacking, there is a fair bit of misconception regarding the “profession”. There are…

6 years ago

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