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Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern Confirms it is Working on a New Drone Tank

Drones can come in many shapes and sizes. Most consumers think of a drone as a flying helicopter or quadcopter, even there is much more to the ecosystem than just those concepts. A Russian military contractor is looking to deploy drone tanks in the near future. An unmanned combat vehicle of such proportions would be both amazing and bone-chilling at the same time. Heralding The Next Era of Global Warfare? …
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Professor Toby Walsh Expresses Concern Over Weaponized Autonomous Robots

If and when autonomous robots become more common in our society, things will start to change pretty quickly. Jobs will be lost in the process, albeit the robots will also enhance our lives on a daily basis. The bigger question is how much autonomy we should give these machines, as the trust issue is very real when it comes to AI-based decision making. One robotics professor is very concerned about …
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