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Walmart Pay Is Now Live In Over 30 US States

The world of mobile payments is filled with different competitors these days. Walmart, one of the biggest brands in the US, has created their own payment solution. Walmart Pay, as this concept is called, is slowly expanding its reach across the US. For now, this brings the total to 33-ish available US states, with more to come in the future. Walmart Pay Expands Its Reach As was to be expected, Walmart …
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Walmart Pay Leaves Door Open For DIfferent Mobile Wallet Integration – A Chance For Bitcoin?

Mobile payment solutions all over the world are competing to gain a  foothold in the industry. Unfortunately for the end consumer, this is such a fractured landscape, and it will take a while until a platform comes along most people can use for everyday purchases. Whether or not that solution will be Walmart Pay, remains to be seen. All this competition does is showcase Bitcoin’s strengths as a universal payment …
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