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Australian Company Uses Your Walking Gait as an Authentication Solution

Generating a secure and unique password has always been incredibly challenging to most consumers. Password reuse is one of the worst things to do, as there is no reason to make life easier for the average criminal on the internet. An Australian company is looking to turn the way we walk into a unique form of authentication. An interesting idea, but it won’t be easy to make it work. Walking …
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Digital Currency Walking App Bitwalking In The Hot Seat Later Today

Seeing a show many people have suddenly taken an interest in living a healthier lifestyle, it only makes sense for digital currency developers to pay close attention to this trend. Walking around throughout the day is not only healthy, but it can earn you some money as well. Bitwalking is the name of the application, which lets users generate Bitwalking Dollars by walking around. Also read: What Does The Interledger …
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