Digital Currency Walking App Bitwalking In The Hot Seat Later Today

Seeing a show many people have suddenly taken an interest in living a healthier lifestyle, it only makes sense for digital currency developers to pay close attention to this trend. Walking around throughout the day is not only healthy, but it can earn you some money as well. Bitwalking is the name of the application, which lets users generate Bitwalking Dollars by walking around.

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Bitwalking Is More Than A Glorified Step Counter


When it comes to the topic of being healthy and walking around, most consumers would automatically think of Bitwalking as being yet another step counter. Most of the applications in this niche market are fairly inadequate, and consumers flock to fitness wristbands and other tools to keep track of their workouts throughout the day.

That situation might be coming to change soon, as Bitwalking not only encourages people to walk a bit more every day, but it also lets them earn money for doing so. Don’t expect to get rich overnight, though, as you will earn a maximum of US$3 per day. However, without this application, you would earn no money for your efforts, albeit improving longevity should be a decent enough reward on its own.

The way Bitwalking works is as follows: app users who walk throughout the day will use that “energy” to “mine” Bitwalking Dollars within the application. For people who have to scrape by with just a few dollars per day as their regular wage, such an application could make a very big difference in their personal lives.

Additionally, this creates another valid use case for Bitcoin and digital currency in general. Looking at things from a  financial point of view, digital currency solves the problem of people not having access to the banking system. Bitwalking takes this principle one step further by paying financial incentives to people willing to explore the option of an alternative financial ecosystem.

Whether or not many people will start to use the Bitwalking application once it launches, remains to be seen, though. Consumers in the Western world will not see the benefits of using this app over any other, despite the financial incentive. At the same time, there will be a large group of people who are more than curious to give Bitwalking a try once it launches, as they compete with friends and see who earns the most in a given period.

Even though users have been able to request beta invites for the Bitwalking app since a few months ago, the userbase is still fairly small. Later today, Franky Imbesi and Nissan Bahar – who created the Bitwalking platform – will be partaking in a live discussion on Forbes, about the potential of this concept.

Source: Forbes

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