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Top 3 Ways to Receive Your Salary in Bitcoin

A lot of people are looking to get a (part of) their salary paid in Bitcoin these days. Given the recent price increase of the popular cryptocurrency, that is not entirely surprising. This process is not necessarily easy, though, despite there being a few different methods to get paid in Bitcoin these days. Below are three of the more common methods to achieve this goal. 3. Manual Bitcoin Address The …
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Bitwage to Partner Up With Uphold to Offer Ether Payrolls

Both companies have decided to form an alliance to allow businesses to pay their workers in ether, the new popular Cryptocurrency.  Bitwage announced the new feature on their corporate blog, the company states the importance of Ethereum’s platform, as it is ‘The new , hot Cryptocurrency that has taken the spotlight for enterprises, entrepreneurs, and speculators all over the world’. Ethereum’s market cap is currently sitting at more than $1 billion, …
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