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Repairing your car is about to get much simpler thanks to VLB

Consumer Reports listed 5 Auto Repair Shop Scams Your Mechanic Might Try and one of the scariest and most unscrupulous ones they wrote about was how a repair shop might just spray coolant on a part of the engine to give you the impression that you have a leaking radiator. This would mean that you end up carrying out repair that was not really necessary. Car repair scams are not …
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Billion Dollar Savings in the Auto Industry from Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain

One in three american drivers can’t afford to repair their car. ¬†Manufacturers waste billions on warranties and recalls. Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain will help improve this scenario. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article A survey carried out by AAA indicates that one in three Americans would not be able to pay for unexpected car repairs without falling into debt. They estimate that common repair costs between US$ 500-600. As an example …
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