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How Smart Contracts Could Revolutionize Online Gambling: FunFair and Virtue Poker Face Off in Merkle Exclusive Interview

Online gambling is estimated to be a $50-300 billion dollar business worldwide. Yet while it’s a huge market, the current centralized model poses problems for players, casinos, and others acting in the space. Both FunFair and Virtue Poker seek to fundamentally change this industry through decentralization. If their bets are right, all parties will benefit from a fairer and more transparent way to play. Find out why this industry is ready for implementation …
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What Is Virtue Poker Cryptocurrency?

In the world of online poker, there is still plenty of potential for future improvement. Virtue Poker, a new venture with Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin as one of its advisors, aims to offer a safe, fair, and high-integrity platform which relies on smart contracts to enhance the poker experience. The Concept of Virtue Poker It is evident there is plenty of room for competition in the world of online poker. …
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