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ViMarket VR Platform Offering Exciting Bonuses for Backers in TGE

Attracting investors’ attentions is getting tougher with ICOs these days as the former become more and more difficult to convince to get their check book out for every new coin ICO in the market. This year alone, hundreds of new ICOs and coins have been launched, mostly because of the ease of launching new tokens due to the introduction of the Ethereum ERC20 token. ICOs, even the most promising ones …
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E-Commerce Gamechanger ViMarket Announces the Start of its ViTokens Pre-Sale

In efforts to kick-start the acquisition of virtual assets and develop their 3D marketplace, ViMarket has just announced at ICO Forward in NY, the pre-sale of its ethereum based digital currency “ViTokens” from December 7, 2017. New York NY, November 18th, ViMarket is pleased to announce that the pre-sale of the company’s digital currency ViToken, an ethereum based cryptocurrency, is all to get underway on December 7.  The crowdsale of ViTokens …
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