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Three Crypto Projects Attempting to Penetrate the Video Game Industry

2017 has seen an explosion of cryptocurrency projects and startups focused on video games. As a whole, the video game industry appears to be one of the first sectors to meaningfully embrace cryptocurrency in a number of ways. While there are dozens of projects focused on video gaming, there are a select few that seem to be breaking away as front runners in building a bridge between crypto and the US$100 billion gaming …
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Top 5 Ways Hackers Can Attack You

Today an unmeasurable number of debates rise about the ways we can interact with technology in the years to come, and one of the topics is, precisely, security.  Many people think that only one person is capable of exploiting the flaws present in various types of systems, but it has been proven that those attackers almost always operate in close knit groups. In this article, we will present you the Top …
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