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Vaultoro Is the First Exchange to Integrate Lightning Network Features

Bitcoin as people know it today will undergo some big changes in the near future. The Lightning Network is perhaps one of the biggest developments for the world’s leading cryptocurrency to date. Slowly but surely, more and more service providers are incorporating this technology. Vaultoro is the most recent service provider to do exactly that. A Smart Move by Vaultoro Most cryptocurrency users will know the name Vaultoro, as it …
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Brief Incapsula Downtime Disrupts Bitcoin Exchange Trading

Another day in the Bitcoin world and another crisis has been averted, even though plenty of users were worried when several exchanges experienced the same issue at the same time. Incapsula, the DDoS protection provider for several major Bitcoin exchanges, was experiencing some issues earlier today. As a result, trading was temporarily unavailable, although the issue was rectified rather quickly. However, this “centralized” form of protection is an annoyance for …
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