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UK ISPs to Begin Blocking Porn Sites on July 15

In this modern era of internet and technology, a few interesting changes will be introduced in the years to come. The first major change will occur in the UK, albeit it is a very worrisome one. It seems virtually all porn websites will be blocked by domestic internet providers come July 15. It remains to be seen how long it takes until this restriction is circumvented. UK Introduces a Genuine …
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British Company Successfully Trademarked the Term ‘Bitcoin’

Trademarks and patents are often frowned upon in the world of cryptocurrency. This decentralized technology is designed to be free and open to everyone. As such, trademarks and patents can cause a lot of unnecessary hindrances. In the United Kingdom, one company successfully trademarked the word ‘Bitcoin’. A Trademark With Major Implications Trademarking a commonly used term is not all that straightforward. Although one could obtain a trademark for the term “Bitcoin”, …
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Financial Fraud Causes 2m GBP in Daily Losses for the United Kingdom

A lot of money passes through many different hands in the world of finance. Banks, brokers, and other intermediaries are responsible for ensuring every transaction is recorded properly. A new report by the FFA goes to show financial fraud costs the UK 2 million GBP ever year. A very disturbing number that causes a lot of concern. Financial Fraud In The UK Is Growing Whenever the overall scale of financial …
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