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Blockchain Tech Could Activate Large Segments of the Global Economy

We’ve heard a lot about how blockchain technology can help serve the unbanked and the underbanked by making microtransactions possible. But in the Western world, that often refers to a small minority. Yet according to global economist and Babson College Professor of Finance Dr. John Edmunds, in many parts of the world, we’re talking about the sweeping majority. As a leading world economist, Edmunds has made a career out of …
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CoinCloud Bitcoin ATMs Give Financial Tools to America’s Unbanked

Las Vegas, Nevada. April 27, 2016​. –There are emerging opportunities in the United States for bitcoin as an alternative financial option, as Las Vegas­based Coin Cloud is proving. Coin Cloud is the largest bitcoin ATM (BTM) operator on the west coast, with over 15 Bitaccess BTM kiosks and plans to continue rapid expansion nationwide. Everyday, Coin Cloud sees huge demand for bitcoin in the U.S. among the unbanked and underbanked. Within the Las Vegas …
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