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Residents In India Make The Best of The Long ATM Queues

India’s cash crisis continues to dominate mainstream media headlines all week. But for all of the woes taking place in the country right now, there is a small positive note as well. As consumers do not like to wait in  long lines to withdraw cash from  ATMs, it is inevitable that some people would try to lighten the mood. Never underestimate the creativity of the human mind! Some Lighter Moments …
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Asian Stock Markets Have No Clear Direction

The Asian stock markets remain in a state of flux right now. With shares dropping even further, things are not looking good for the Nikkei and Shanghai Composite Index. Later this week,  Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen will speak at a symposium to unveil the institution’s plans. All of this can push the Bitcoin price to new heights in the coming days and weeks. Asian Stock Markets Continue To Fall Financial …
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