Residents In India Make The Best of The Long ATM Queues

India’s cash crisis continues to dominate mainstream media headlines all week. But for all of the woes taking place in the country right now, there is a small positive note as well. As consumers do not like to wait in  long lines to withdraw cash from  ATMs, it is inevitable that some people would try to lighten the mood. Never underestimate the creativity of the human mind!

Some Lighter Moments During India’s Financial Turmoil

Waiting in line is not fun, regardless of how long the process takes. For people waiting to withdraw funds from a bank ATM in India, the lines can take hours to move in their favor. Customers have taken to writing their names on pieces of paper, which are held down by stones. In doing so, they effectively secure their place in line, without having to stand around all day.

However, there are other ways to bypass lengthy queues. One company has created a new business model where people can effectively hire someone to stand in line for them. Through BookMyChotu, anyone can hire an ATM queue assistant for 90 rupees an hour–rather inexpensive, and a great way to support the local economy.

Perhaps some of the most heartwarming scenes can be found in the form of global brands providing food and beverages to those waiting in line. Although this does not mean that people can sit down while waiting, they can at least enjoy the comfort of hot coffee or a warm slice of pizza. This is an ingenious concept that creates new jobs in the country. People deserve some comforting during these times of hardship.

None of these scenarios would occur in the Western world . Most of us would not even try to wait in line, even if our lives depended on it. For some reason, Western culture has lost track of these good Samaritan values, as we are too busy with focusing on ourselves rather than on others.

Despite the financial hardship in India, events like these manage to put a smile on people’s faces. They are no solution to the underlying problems by any means, but it goes to show that good things can come from difficult times. We can only hope that the financial situation in India sorts itself out sooner rather than later.

Solving these problems will be a big challenge, as there is no solution available right now. Cash remains the dominant payment method in India and the need for banknotes is quite large. Unfortunately, there are only so many customers that a bank can handle each day–an uneasy situation that will hopefully not lead to civil unrest over time.

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