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What Is the Tulip Mania ICO All About?

One term we hear all too often in the cryptocurrency world these days is “tulip mania”. Financial experts from all over the world have claimed Bitcoin to be a bubble far bigger than the tulip mania many centuries ago. In a way, it is not surprising someone would capitalize on this trend by creating an actual Tulip Mania ICO. This new ERC20 token purportedly provides a high ROI and “will go to the moon” pretty quickly. …
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Ken Goldberg – Bitcoin Will Be Worth $3.50 in the Near Future

We have seen many different price speculation pieces in the press regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Perhaps one of the more famous wrong predictions was that of Professor Bitcorn. However, it seems Ken Goldberg may have just raised the bar in this regard, as his latest opinion article on the Bitcoin price predicts a massive correction all the way to US$3.50. That opinion has already created a lot of bad blood between him and Bitcoin …
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