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Homeland Security Wants Social Media Information of US Travelers

Privacy should be a matter near and dear to all of our hearts. But if it were up to US Customs, that is changing shortly. The institution proposed forcing travelers to give up their social media account details when traveling. It is anybody’s guess as to why this would matter to them, but it is safe to say this is another so-called “anti-terrorism” precaution. Travelling To The US Becomes Less …
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ANZ Takes on Bitcoin With Traveler Credit Card Rewards

Bitcoin is an appealing alternative to traditional finance when one is traveling. Rather than dealing with currency exchanges and payment card fees, Bitcoin has a global appeal that works anywhere in the world. But ANZ, one of the major Australian banks, has come up with a new rewards card. Whether or not this will woo travelers, remains to be seen. The New ANZ Travelers Credit Card For most consumers traveling …
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