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Travala Notes Overall Growth in Crypto Payments and Room Bookings

Determining the use of cryptocurrencies is not as straightforward as one would think. It has become apparent that most cryptocurrency users do not rely on Bitcoin or altcoins as an effective payment method. As such, it is also normal a lot of companies who initially accept BTC overturn that decision sooner or later. For Travala, however, it seems things are heading in the right direction across the board.  Overall Increase …
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What Is Travala Cryptocurrency?

It is estimated that the travel and tourism industry generated approximately $7.2 trillion in 2016. Online bookings constituted a large chunk of that revenue. However, as things currently stand, due to the centralized travel conglomerates that dominate this industry, most people must pay hefty booking fees on all of their transactions. Most of today’s online booking platforms have been vested with so much power that they are able to issue, on average, a 30% …
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