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Bitcoin Price on the Rise Again After Regulatory Crackdown in China

It seems that the drama with the PBOC and regulations in China is becoming less and less significant, as these news don’t seem to have as much impact on the price. In fact, the price is on the way to recovered to pre-crackdown prices as Bitcoin is trading at $1035 on Bitstamp. On Feb. 9th, the PBOC released quite a threatening statement which tanked Bitcoin’s price 10%, on the bright …
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Is Bitcoin Adoption Outpacing The Current Level of Technology?

Once again, the rumours about the demise of Bitcoin are circulating on the Internet en masse ┬áMainstream media will not hesitate to make the digital currency look vulnerable, although the internal bickering and fighting over a block size solution are not helping matters much either. Bitcoin is not going to die anytime soon, no matter what the media have to say about it. But they do raise some valid points …
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