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Updated TorrentLocker Ransomware Capable of Stealing Login Credentials

One of the most disconcerting cybersecurity headlines this week revolves around TorrentLocker resurfacing all of a sudden. This ransomware strain was believed to be defunct since 2015, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Not only will the revamped TorrentLocker encrypt files, but it is also equipped with tools to steal login credentials. TorrentLocker Is Back, Unfortunately As if the growing number of ransomware threats is not enough to worry …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – CryptoLocker F and TorrentLocker

In our series discussing the various types of Bitcoin ransomware in existence to date, the next ones on the list are CryptoLocker F and TorrentLocker. Both of these nasty pieces of software started appearing around the same time, and there are certain parallels between both types of ransomware/ However, CryptoLocker F has no relation to the original CryptoLocker ransomware. Also read: Bitcoin Technical Analysis for 02/23/2016 – Trend Line Broken …
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