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Top 4 Operating Systems Used By Hackers

Since many decades ago, hackers have displayed great skills on very functional areas like programming languages, hardware, and software manipulation. Particularly in the ever-growing industry of telecommunications, and the Internet. These individuals have built their fame exploiting vulnerabilities in our systems. They are very skilled in the art of crafting viruses, spyware, and malware. In an era where we are continuously exposed to their attacks, it is always a good thing …
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Top 4 Types of Malware To Watch For

Virus, malware, trojans–TV shows like Mr. Robot have shown the general population what these dangerous pieces of software can cause. Here are the top four most threatening types of viruses one can encounter. For years, they have infected all kinds of systems, to the point that many are still remembered with fear. Unfortunately, the Internet is a dangerous place, and computer viruses are something we will always have to deal with. …
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