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Bytecoin Price Discussion/Analysis – 9/6/2015

Bytecoin has been one of the major market movers of the week, increasing in value after a lengthy period of stagnation and proving that the coins markets still have life in them. While the coin itself has a minuscule value it has seen a decent price rise over the past 24 hours which has seen a increased volume and market cap in accordance to the new liquidity and capital which …
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Bitcoin Trading: Price Analysis for 4/17

What’s up traders, This Friday is going to be extra sweet because it’s the weekend, and we didn’t get scammed by OKCoin. If anyone missed out on the bitcoin action last night: OKCoin weekly futures horribly malfunctioned at settling time causing price to rocket to 284 leaving many traders with short positions with negative balances in their accounts. OKCoin promptly shut down the site and rolled everything back, essentially calling …
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