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The CDC is Working on Serologic Tests for the Novel Coronavirus

To this date, the full scope of the novel coronavirus outbreak remains a big guessing game. The CDC may come up with a solution soon, as serologic tests are being developed. A vaccine for the novel coronavirus is still several months away, at least. A Proactive Approach to the Novel Coronavirus Finding some sort of other cure will not happen much sooner, if at all. In the meantime, it is …
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New Way to Test Self-driving Cars Requires Less Time to Reach Conclusions

Self-driving cars continue to pique the interest of enthusiasts worldwide. Testing these autonomous vehicles is quite a challenge though, as things are not as straightforward as it may seem. It appears a team of researchers have successfully developed a way to make this process simpler. Moreover, this accelerated testing process should reduce the amount of time needed to test self-driving vehicles altogether. A New Way To Test Self-driving Cars It …
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