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Tesco Bank May Have Facilitated Their Own Heist By Using Sequential Debit Card Numbers

A few weeks ago, news broke about Tesco Bank falling victim to a massive fraud attack. As it turns out, the institution brought this upon themselves, as they issued debit cards with sequential numbers. This is perhaps one of the worst examples of financial malpractice to hit the banking sector in quite some time. Sequential Debit Card Numbers Are A Plague To put this news into perspective, the issues described …
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Tesco Bank Refunds £2.5m In Stolen Funds To Its Customers

More and more details are becoming available related to the Tesco Bank hack a few days ago. With thousands of customers affected, it became apparent that this is not a run-of-the-mill cyber heist. Statistics indicate that over £2.5m has been returned to Tesco bank users, as the amount of stolen funds was far higher than originally anticipated. A Big Step Back For Tesco Bank And Customers Even though this bank …
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Tesco Bank Confirms They Know What Caused Theft of Customer Funds

Big news was made by Tesco Bank earlier this week, as over 20,000 customers were affected by the theft of funds. As it turns out, the Company’s upper brass is blaming this hack on a “sophisticated attack”. Even though Tesco Bank is well aware of what caused the issue, the company has declined to go into specifics at this time. The Tesco Bank Hack Plot Thickens Perhaps the biggest concern …
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