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XRP Price Rises Slowly as Tencent Confirms Interest in Ripple’s Currency

With all of the top markets enjoying some positive momentum, one would expect the likes of XRP to note strong gains. While there is indeed a minor uptrend in place, it is far from spectacular. Despite this somewhat disappointing rise in value, some community members are convinced the XRP price is effectively heading to the moon once again. XRP Price Momentum Is off to a Slow Start While it is …
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Should Tencent Look Into Bitcoin For Chinese Charity Fundraising Efforts?

Charity is a growing sector and one where bitcoin could make a significant impact. Technology giant Tencent is currently donating 2% of its profit to charity, as the usage of mobile internet is growing in China’s philanthropy sector. Moreover, new legislation in the country makes it easier for approved companies to raise and manage funds for charitable causes. Bitcoin, Charity and China May Come Together Very Soon Tencent is a …
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